Sunday, November 22, 2009

«What's a "Topic"?»

This blog is like my life in a lot of ways. It has no real direction or purpose. It just IS; and that's its major flaw. It is always better to have a goal and specific direction, a niche to fall into and excel at. You'll pick up more followers and they will be more interested in your topic.

This blog has random topics. The only thing you can count on are Caturday, Motivational Monday, and that something random will be posted on the other days of the week. As such, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be interested in everything I say.

Lately I've been going on about the Sims 3. This is because that's what I've been doing lately. I know some of you are probably getting pretty sick of reading about characters in some computer game. You're about ready to unsubscribe and quit following the blog. That's fine. Others of you may only come here to read about the Sims 3 because that's your interest right now. You're a newcomer to the blog and see the other posts as "off-topic". Again, that's fine. I'm happy to have readers of any topic for as long as they care to read. When I get burned out on the Sims 3 I'll talk about other topics more often again.

There's nothing that's really "off topic" here. I created this blog to speak my mind about what I wanted to. I originally planned to talk more about my personal feelings. However, how many people would be interested in my non-directional life? I'm a private person anyway, and there are people I know in real life that read this blog. I'd inevitably end up saying something here that they'd question me about, opening a can of worms I'd rather leave closed. So the personal emo blog idea was out. I still wanted a presence on the web, so I decided to just talk about random topics and see where it lead me.

I figured by now I would have either just given up or would have found my own direction and purpose. Yet, it's funny how long one can linger in this state with no direction or purpose. For now I shall just try to continue as is. Better than giving up, right?

I'll leave you with this song. There's no actual video, just the album cover and the song.

The Crüxshadows- Nothing

No life, No love, No dreams, No reason to remain,
No eyes, No vision, No pain, No, No Nothing, No
mind, No thought, No sex, No awe to feel, No
heart, No Nothing, No, No, No Nothing

- Nothing by The Crüxshadows1

1 And no, the irony of this being a bit after the post I denounced poetry is not lost on me.


  1. I'm here as long as you ramble.

    You know me pretty well by now, so saying that I prefer the randomness will not surprise or astound in the slightest. L It just seems more honest.

    I like that we're both reclaiming our randomness on the blogs. But, I like the idea of you opening up more here. You should try. Owning your feelings will seem weird at first, but you will feel better and who the fuck cares what the real lifers say or think. You get to be who you are w/o owing them ANY explanation.

  2. @ Monique: I'm not really reclaiming a randomness that I never lost... I just felt I should explain why it's random.

    After the Mare's Nest said this was a Sims 3 blog with some off-topic posts, and word got back to me that my grandfather didn't understand what I'm talking about... I just figured I'd try to explain.

  3. I like it random... it would get boring if you always talked about the same thing. Being random isn't a flaw.

  4. I like it random too, of course me being a random person myself its not surprising for me either. I love this blog and no matter how "off topic" it gets, Im fine with it. Just like waffle houses and all those god damn wombats... But anywho... Randomness ftw! :D

  5. @ Monique, Vid, and S1x Legi0ns: And that's why I have the followers I have. Thanks guys (and gals).


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