Friday, November 6, 2009

«Hover Over the House Thumbnails»

On my Sims 3 Zenge family page, I added more images of the legacy house. I wanted to show the inside of each level. In order to do that, I have 6 small thumbnail images over the larger screenshot of the house.

If you hover your mouse over one of the small thumbnail images, the larger one will now switch to it (assuming you have javascript enabled). I also made it so it switches if you click them. At first, this seems redundant. After all, how can you click something without first hovering your mouse over it? Answer: the iPhone.

With the iPhone, you don't have a cursor, so you can't "hover" over something. I've ran into this problem on a different site. They had that blacked out spoiler text, where you have to hover your cursor over it to reveal it. On the iPhone, I couldn't reveal the text. I made sure that the little house thumbnails would still work for the iPhone and touch pads, where you can't hover over them.

I've found myself "stroking" the little thumbnail images. I run my mouse back and forth over them and watch the floors of the house go up and down...


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