Wednesday, November 11, 2009

«Plotting His Evil Domination»

I changed 2 of my Grim Reaper's traits. It just didn't make sense that he was the Emperor of Evil, yet didn't have the Evil trait. I know, changing traits is probably against the Legacy Challenge rules. Strictly speaking though, it is not specifically listed in the rules that you can't use the Mid-Life Crisis reward perk. Besides, they're more like guidelines than actual rules, right?

Now Grim can get to plotting his evil domination of the world.
Grim Reaper plotting an evil plan.

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The other trait he picked up is the Bookworm trait. It's the family trait of my legacy. He's surrounded by bookworms, so I figured it would be best for him to fit in.

The two traits he dropped were Grumpy and Insane. So now he has the traits of Bookworm, Brave, Evil, Good Sense of Humor, and Inappropriate.


  1. Isn't domination through nukes anachronistic? How about talk radio?

  2. @ Looney: Tried and true, domination through fear. He doesn't actually have to use the nukes. Although that doesn't discount using talk radio, as well.

    He still needs to find some plutonium. Yes, you can actually find metals and refine them: iron, silver, gold, palladium, and plutonium. Plutonium is extraordinarily unusual, though. Problem is, they're just decorative. You can't do anything with them beyond that.

    I could still role-play that he's gathering the materials to build a bomb... Or just the public knowing he has plutonium might be enough to cause fear.

  3. The public only needs to believe that he has plutonium to cause fear. The challenge might be to assemble some isotopes that give off a similar radiation distribution to plutonium.

  4. @ Looney: Hold that thought...


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