Thursday, November 5, 2009

«It's Those Tides Again»

Similar to when we had the 19 foot tide on December 14th, 2008, yesterday we had an 18 foot tide. Only difference is we had a storm surge on top of it yesterday. 60 mph gusts and such. Click an image to view full.

The water level is a little higher than it was with the 19 foot tide on a calm day.
18 foot tide with a storm surge
Yeah, I think if that car owner were a little more mindful of the tides they wouldn't have left it there. Salt water wreaks havoc on break pads.

Good thing the sea through here stays relatively calm...
Tidewater near the base of a building
That building is new. Before it was built there, I've seen that lot flood with tidewater during a storm. I don't think they put in that much extra fill, either.


  1. Yikes. nice pics.


  2. I like the water, but that house seems too close.

  3. @ Looney: It's actually more than a house. There's retail space on the first floor, and condos on the upper floors.


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