Friday, November 13, 2009

«Resume Evil Domination»

Again, this is about my Sims 3 Legacy.

Grim has re-focused his time to his collecting, and it paid off big-time. In one very good night, he found a Trilobite Beetle, a Rainbow Beetle, and... Plutonium! The plutonium was the only metal he was missing, so now he's completed the Metal Collector challenge. He will now routinely get additional ingots returned in the mail. Too bad you can't do anything more than put them on display. Grim is the Emperor of Evil, I'm sure he could find some nefarious use for plutonium. Click an image to view full.

He just so happened to get an extra ingot of plutonium in the mail, they are the green bars1 on the table.
Two bars of plutonium sitting on a table
The two beetles completed his beetle collection, and he's already completed his butterfly collection. How that helps him dominate the world I have no idea.

The beetles...
Sims 3 beetle collection
...And the Butterflies, a collection to make even Looney envious.
Sims 3 butterfly collection
1: Yes, plutonium in real life is a silvery white color. But so are most metals. In the game they gave it a green color to make it stand out.

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