Wednesday, April 7, 2010

«3S Eagle»

Random picture of an eagle I took on the 22nd of last month (March). This is as zoomed in as my camera would go, 20x Optical. I don't ever use digital zoom, all that does is pixelate the image. As it is I cropped the picture down.
Eagle on green marker 3S

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  1. Very nice. It is a lot more interesting than our golden eagles.

  2. @ Looney: We've got a ton of bald eagles around here.

  3. Hmmm. I thought they were going extinct!

  4. @ Looney: They are not even endangered in Alaska.

  5. Nice picture Marf. He doesnt look very bald to me though - I guess he's wearing a white wig.

  6. @ Bunc: That's just what they call them because their head turns white as they mature. The young ones don't have the white on their head. In fact, the young ones look kinda scruffy and bland.

    @ Vid: That's a marker out on the breakwater of a harbor. I'm not sure how the numbering system works for the markers, but 3S is the identification of that marker.

  7. "the young ones look kinda scruffy..." - so they are wuite like humans then?


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