Thursday, April 1, 2010

«Uber Rock-Paper-Scissors»

So Rock-Paper-Scissors has been officially changed to include a few extra elements. Don't you hate playing Rock-Paper-Scissors and both of you chose Rock the first time? Then both of you chose Scissors the second time? The trouble is, you don't have many options, so it is very likely the same one will be chosen by both people. Enter the new and improved Rock-Paper-Scissors; with 30 options, it is much less likely both of you will chose the same one!

Uber Rock-paper-Scissors

Click image to view full.

You'll probably have a harder time remembering that Sponge "looks like moon" and thus beats it somehow. Also, some people can't do the Vulcan salute so they will be unable to pick Alien. But no solution is perfect!


  1. Meh, and it takes too long to say gun, dynamite, nuke, devil, dragon, alien, water, bowl, air, moon, paper, sponge, wolf, cockroack, tree, man, woman, monkey, snake, axe, scissors, fire, sun, SHOOT!

  2. My brain was already hitting the limit with paper-rock-scissors.


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