Tuesday, April 6, 2010

«Poke the Candles»

I can't seem to leave a candle alone when I'm burning it. I usually end up poking at it with a paperclip or something. I melt wax into it from previous candles that didn't burn all the way. I usually end up screwing up the candle. It will burn with a really small flame, and won't melt all its own wax.

A candle is "set" during the first burn. Usually you'll want to give a candle about 2 hours of burn time to properly set itself. As long as you don't screw with it, it should be fine until the end of its life. Most candles are designed to have a flame just large enough to create a wax pool about the same diameter as the candle itself. This way it pretty much consumes the entire candle.

I also usually snuff out a candle rather than blow it out. If the candle is in its own little container that came with a lid, I simply put the lid back on. If not, I have a little clear plastic (yes, plastic!) thing that I put over the flame. It's actually part of the packaging from some gummy life savers. Believe it or not, the flame snuffs out long before the plastic would melt. It also contains the resulting smoke.


  1. lol nice, i also have a habit of messin with candles :P idk why but i just find it entertaining

    - Six Legions

  2. lol Who doesn't have a habit of messing with candles... Thats what they're there for! :D


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