Tuesday, April 13, 2010

«To Las Vegas! (Photo Heavy)»

It'll take a couple of day's posts to cover my trip to Las Vegas. Click an image to view full.

Here's the jet my dad and I left town in. While Ketchikan's airport is small when compared to the nation's major airports, it has a 7,500 foot asphalt runway and a 9,500 foot water runway. Over 16,200 aircraft operations and a quarter million passengers go through it each year. That's why we needed a bridge.
Alaska Airlines jet 778 in Ketchikan
Before I knew it we had taken off and were over the Alaska native village of Metlakatla.
Birds-eye view of Metlakatla
Alaska, the land of 3 million lakes; suck on that, Minnesota... Actually, I think this was over Canada, but you get the idea. The landscape looks the same.
Many lakes
We had a few hour layover in Seattle, so we took the opportunity to explore the Sea-Tac airport.
Sea-Tac food court
The construction of the windows in the previous photo were interesting.
Window brackets for the windows in Sea-Tac.
Abstract art... I suppose that's what this is.
Abstract art
We stayed at the Luxor. We got in after dark, this was taken the next day. For those who didn't know, the Luxor is a giant pyramid with an Egyptian theme.
Luxor pyramid
From the inside, you'd never know it's daytime.
Inside the Luxor in Las Vegas
More to come tomorrow.


  1. You have a water runway? How do they land on water, wouldn't the plane sink? Or is it like that one Miracle on the Hudson Sully Sullenburger thing?
    Also, that abstract art looks more like vital organs floating around to me.

  2. The Luxor is nice. I stayed there about ten years ago with some friends I was touring. In the old days, you could get a all you can eat buffet with steak for $2.99. Sadly those days are gone, but there is plenty to do there. I am hoping to get up to Red Rock Canyon sometime.

  3. @ Vid: There's a lot of floatplanes in this town. During the summer, there's a few outfits that do tours. Also, it's how most people get to the remote logging camps.

    @ Looney: Yes, those days are long gone. Now even McDonald's is overpriced.


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