Thursday, April 22, 2010

«Marf on Rice»

No, it's not some new cuisine...

While I was on Fremont Street in Las Vegas I had a key chain made. Not that I actually use key chains, but I wanted my website address on a grain of rice. It cost me $10.76 after taxes. Click an image to view full.

This dude writes any message you choose on a grain of rice; I think there was a 64 character limit. He does it freehand and with no magnification. The monitor you see in the photograph is for our benefit.
Watch me write on rice
Here's what the key chain looks like. The grain of rice is in a clear oil inside the little vial.
Master Marf key chain
There were many different vials to choose from, with little ponies or dolphins on them. There were also different colors of oil. I just wanted a basic vial with clear oil. written on a grain of rice
After he wrote the address he still had room, so he asked me what else I wanted on it. I had him put my little M symbol on the other side of the grain of rice.
Green M with a circle around it on a grain of rice


  1. Nice. That's gotta take some skill.

  2. @ Vid: Yeah, I don't have the eyesight or the steady hand to be able to do that.


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