Tuesday, May 6, 2008

«Cruise Ship Watch: Star Princess»

The Star Princess was in town today. I got a few pictures while it was still docked. As always, click an image to view it full sized.

It's tough to get the entire ship in frame.
Star Princess up close in Ketchikan, Alaska May 6, 2008.
This picture was taken from Married Man's Trail.
Star Princess seen through trees in Ketchikan, Alaska May 6, 2008.
That's one of the Alaska state ferries, the Malaspina passing the Star Princess. Picture taken from the lobby of the Cape Fox Lodge and Restaurant.
Malaspina passing the Star Princess in Ketchikan, Alaska May 6, 2008.
I zoomed in on the ship from the 3rd Ave bypass. The camera has a 20x optical zoom, but I didn't quite need that much for this photo.
Star Princess zoomed in from 3rd ave in Ketchikan, Alaska May 6, 2008.
And I caught it leaving town...
Star Princess leaving Ketchikan, Alaska May 6, 2008.


  1. Very cool. Love the first shot of the ship.

    Is there a story behind the name "Married Man's Trail" ?

  2. Yeah, I liked that first shot as well. I tried to give the scale of just how big the ship is. You can see a bus in the left part of the image; tiny compared to the ship.

    And if there's a story behind Married Man's Trail, I don't know it. It's a short trail that goes between Creek Street and the Cape Fox Lodge and Restaurant.

    Being that Creek Street was a red light district in the early days of the town, I'm sure there's some story behind the trail's name.

  3. Whoa, I just saw the teeny tiny bus down there....


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