Thursday, May 15, 2008

«The Immortal Bird»

I had to take pictures of this raven when I saw it. Look closely; you'll see it has a dart through its head! Almost looks like it went in the throat and out the eye on the other side. How it's still alive, I don't know. Click an image to view full.

Raven with a dart through its head standing on the dock.
Raven with a dart through its head standing on the railing.
Raven with a dart through its head and eye.
Raven with a dart through its head standing on the other railing.


  1. This is going to probably sound absurd to you, but did you notify anyone ?

    I know in that moment you couldn't have done anything, but someone can....

  2. Who would I notify? If I left to tell someone the bird probably wouldn't even be there when I got back.

  3. Well no it wouldn't, but it would be in the area. They can find it.

    I very quickly did a search and found a group that if nothing else will give you info to call someone else. If nothing else, call the the local shelter, they will either say no way, can't help or lead you.

    If you care at all to help. I just keep thinking - poor bird, can you imagine the discomfort, banging that around on stuff?

  4. Omg, poor li'l love! Hmm, I wonder if Richard the Evil Warlock did it?

    Wow, that's pretty impressive that its still alive. The dart obviously missed the vital areas. Lucky bird, or is it!?! I bet the other birds are laughin' at it. Hahahaha, you got a dart stickin' outta yer head, you look funny!

    Awesome pictures, btw. I love birds--take more, please! [^-^]

  5. @ |bernadette|: Somehow I don't think being shot in the head with a dart is lucky. It didn't hit anything vital except an eye, but it's still unlucky to be hit at all.

    And I'll keep that in mind that you want more pictures of birds.


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