Sunday, May 18, 2008

«This is a Big Tree in My Opinion»

I wanted to show what I see in the way of big trees, so Monique can understand why I said the tree in her backyard is not a "massive beast".

This tree is in the campground around Ward Lake, it is a Sitka Spruce. As a comparison, I'm standing in front of the tree. There are many such trees in the area. Click images to view full.
Sitka Spruce near Ward Lake in Ketchikan, Alaska. That's me in front of it.
This one is a different tree of about the same size. Much more difficult to see the scale because there's nothing in the image to compare it to.
Upper part of a Sitka spruce near Ward Lake in Ketchikan, Alaska.
There's also rather unique root formations and openings under some of these trees. These form when a seeding grows on the broken stump of a previous tree. The seedling grows into a large tree and the old stump rots out from under it. You can see Ward Lake in the background.
Tree root formation with Ward Lake in the background.
As I've said before, I live in an Alaskan rainforest.


  1. You win, you always win.

    But really now, that's a giant. Massive beast fails in comparison every time - to a giant, I mean seriously.

    But then I get to the OMG's of how gorgeous they are.

  2. Well, they're no Giant Sequoia trees (we don't have those around here).

  3. IMO Mine was a massive beast, yours are giants... The Sequoia's would be mammoths....

    Or... maybe I've just been in the sun too long.


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