Tuesday, May 6, 2008

«Post Scheduling Feature»

First off, a very minor color change was made to the layout. Look for an orange color (example color) in various places. It's used sparingly because it is meant to draw attention. (I took the color from the webfeed icon)

I was almost going to switch to Blogger Beta (Draft) just so I could have scheduled posts. But now there's no need to because post scheduling has been released for everyone. So now you don't know when I'm actually writing the posts... *mischievous eyebrow raise*

Hopefully what this will mean for my blog is more posts made at 12:01 AM. I'm in the Alaska time zone, and as such, by the time it's Tuesday for me it's already almost Wednesday for other parts of the world. For example, in Australia it would appear I'm lagging a day behind on my posting. So I try to post things for a day as early as I can, and how much earlier than 12:01 AM can you get (and still have it register as being on that day)? Before, if I didn't stay up and make a post after midnight, it wouldn't be until around noon that the post was made. Now I can write a post ahead of time and schedule it for later.

Theoretically, I could schedule several posts ahead of time. Then I could take a break or even die and you wouldn't even know it...

That's something that has come to my mind on more than one occasion. I'm involved in a few online communities, but there's no way they'd know in the event of my untimely demise. They'd just assume I stopped caring or just abandoned them. How sad.


  1. Have you done anything w/ mouse-overs on blogger ? I have something I want to do, but the code given is not working... HELP...

    Oh, and I've thought of trying the post scheduling, but figured I would give it some time to see how it goes... So far what I hear is good.

    NOW, back to me.

  2. @ ihs cheer student: Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    @ Monique: Unless you count what I've done with my navigation menu, I haven't did any mouse-overs on blogger. So you might be on your own on this one.

    What exactly is it you want? A little bubble to pop up when you hover over something?

    I'm not going to figure it out for you unless I think it's something I might use as well. I can give you a few tips, like the :hover pseudo-class in CSS or onmouseover/onmouseout in javascript...


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