Sunday, May 25, 2008

«Tagged Again»

I've been tagged by Monique...

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Am I suppose to remember something specific? I was 11... Umm... I was in school. I don't remember events by date too well.

2. 5 things on my to do list for today.

  • Go through my Google Reader like I do every day.
  • Copy some stuff on my thumb drive to bring over to my computer at my mom's.
  • Probably schedule my Motivational Monday post for Monday.
  • Go back to town and stay at my mom's place (I've been at my dad's for the past few days).
  • Go for a walk.

3. Snacks I enjoy.
Dark Chocolate.

4. Things I would do if I were a Billionaire.
I'd move the hell out of this town.

I'd move to Washington and buy some land around a lake or beach front, and have a relatively small castle built on the land. The castle would be built in a medieval style, at least on the exterior. I'd a few hidden rooms and passageways built into the place. It would be medieval in appearance only; the entire house would be wired with fiber optic for a 10Gb/s or even 100Gb/s network to every room, with network jacks as abundant as outlets in a modern home.

I'd have quite the computer network going. I'd probably even cluster some together to form a supercomputer. That way if I want to render videos or fractals, or perform complex mathematical equations I'd have the processing power for it.

I'd buy some gold bars and stash them in a hidden room. Got to have my own little treasure horde in my castle.

I would pay the Scott-e-Vest company to custom design a black leather trench coat with 100 or more pockets.

Beyond that, I'd save and invest most of it. I'll buy things as I decide I want them.

5. Places I have lived.
Only place is Ketchikan, Alaska. I grew up in a different house than I'm in now, but I've lived my entire life here so far.

6. Bloggers I want to know about.
Drek and Looney. I don't even know if Drek reads my blog or not. But both of you can consider yourselves tagged for this.


  1. What would you possibly do w/ a 100 pockets ??

  2. You'd be surprised, I like to carry a lot of stuff.

  3. Like ???...........
    ........... money, carmex, phone, comb/brush, pen, mirror, camera, keys, DL, credit card, cd.

    That's all I have in my sleepy brain.

  4. It'd take another blog post to do an inventory of my pockets...

    Let's just say I carry anything from ear plugs, to foldable scissors, to my titanium spork. As well as carmex, comb, pen...

  5. Is that a hint to expect one?

    Ear plugs? Hmmm, things are getting curiouser and curiouser. Light sleeper?

  6. I don't wear the earplugs when I sleep. I'd keep you guessing, but I highly doubt you'd guess diesel generators in a power plant.

  7. Um, noooo. Is it a hobby of yours to hang out around one/them?

  8. My dad works at a power plant.

  9. Ahhh that makes sense.

    So how many days until you do the pockets post? Am I the only dork curious at this point?

    ((It's ok to say yes))

    There is actually a blog I saw long ago that asks the question "What's in your pockets?" People are to empty them and take a pic of the contents to post there.

  10. I don't have a time frame set for it yet. But I guess I'll be doing a pocket inventory post at some time.

    I accept topic requests or suggestions for my blog.

  11. "I accept topic requests or suggestions for my blog."

    Hmmmmmmm... That has me thinking.

  12. I guess I should tack on the disclaimer that I won't always follow through with and do every request or suggestion, but I'll give them some thought.

  13. Well it wouldn't be anything rude. Gahhh


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