Friday, May 16, 2008


Comrade Corndogski Gibletzinsauseovich Nikolai Pimptastovich

I have searched for that exact name in Google, and not surprisingly, there were no results. Once Google indexes this page, there will be.

Where did I get that name? I wasn't even the one that thought it up. I ran across it when I was looking through my 7th grade steno pad from my math class. Another kid in that class came up with the name and I wrote it down.

Now it shall be an immortal name, as the Google cache and the Way Back Machine do not easily forget. I may make it a project later on to immortalize that entire steno pad. It has some quite unique content, and it would be a shame for it to fade from history.


  1. LOL, ooook. Got my attention !! At a glance it looks like corndog-giblet-sausage-nikki-pimp.

    And ahhh, love the Way Back Machine. I stumbled onto it when I was greedily searching out cached copies of EH. I found some very very old pages I did in '97. Too funny.

  2. Comrade Corndogski Gibletzinsauseovich Nikolai Pimptastovich now shows up in a google search, and is cached.

    Well, it's very simple:

    Comrade (like any good communist)

    Corndogski (corndog with an accent)

    Gibletzinsauseovich (giblets n' sauce, with the 'ovich' for the Russian-ish sound)

    Nikolai (like Nikolai Tesla)

    Pimptastovich (pimp-tastic with the Russian 'ovich' again)

  3. Fond memories from Stump's unbearable math class....
    the legendary steno-pad must live on! i swear we had discussed laminating it somewhere down the road.
    Remember that time we put Ivan in greg's locker, and ended up having to go to lunchtime detention in Mrs. blankenships room? i hated that lady with a fiery passion... that, and of the ~12 people she had told to go to detention, we were among the 3 that actually showed up :P


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