Thursday, May 29, 2008

«Frozen Mountain Dew»

This is what happens when you just want to put a Mountain Dew in the freezer for "just a few minutes" to cool it down, then forget all about it until the next day.
Frozen, bulged can of Mountain Dew
I'm really surprised it didn't split the can open in the freezer.

The frost on the outside started to thaw out, so I held it over the sink and started to open it. The pressure release froze it again. It sizzled for a while as pure Mountain Dew syrup oozed out the top. Mmm... Concentrated Mountain Dew...

After the pressure was equalized, I still couldn't open the can all the way because of a block of ice inside the can. Because of the bulged bottom, I couldn't set it anywhere without it falling over. I held it until my hands got a little too cold, then I looked for alternatives. I got impatient, and ripped the can open.
Frozen Mountain Dew, ripped off the top of the can.
I dumped my solid Mountain Dew into a glass. So now I have a Mountain Dew snow cone.
Frozen Mountain dew in a glass.
Frozen Mountain dew in a window.
The problem with freezing Mountain Dew is it separates the syrup, so it's kinda watered down. I fixed that by pouring a little margarita mix over it.


  1. Margarita mix? That was probably interesting. I would've just waited long enough to make a slush from it - yum. Now I want a mountain dew.

  2. Well, it wouldn't have melted like that. You'd have liquid and a fairly solid block of ice.

    Mountain Dew is good.

  3. Oh. That's kinda weird.

    Still want one though.

  4. I luv semi-frozen mountain dew.

    This slacker finally responded to your tag.

  5. We had one split open here at work. No one would fess up, can't imagine why...

  6. The best way to make a Mountain Dewsicle is to use the 20oz bottles and NOT the cans, get a Styrofoam ice chest fill it about 1/2 way up with Dry Ice put the bottles in laying on their side not upright then close the ice chest top, wait about 5 minutes and then take the now frozen bottles out and carefully spritz it with cool water to clean off any Liquid Nitrogen residue that might be on the bottle then take an X-Acto knife and carefully cut from top to bottom until you can peel the plastic bottle apart and take out your frozen Mountain Dew treat

  7. @ Rick: I've actually did that once before, it was good. Except I didn't have dry ice available, so I used a regular freezer. Takes longer is all.

    Thanks for commenting.

  8. I've been meaning to show you this pic.

  9. Oh, helps to link to the pic, huh.

  10. @ Monique: Yeah, well Mountain Dew is better than Coca-Cola.

  11. No Margarita mix needed to enjoy mine as it thawed though.

  12. i did that and i forgot bout the can... next day
    i took it out and started riding my bike with it in my hand lol, i hit a bump the can hit the ground and exploded so hard it cut my tires and sliced the chain in half. it was so awesomne./

    mountain dew bomb. lol

  13. @ Anonymous (#13): It cut the chain?! That's a little hard to believe... Increased pressure and the sudden release could cause an explosion akin to a dry-ice bomb I suppose.

  14. you know that was so awsome i want to try exploding it with fire

  15. anonymous (#13) u r just wow retarded aluminum cant cut a chain on a bike b cuz aluminum is weeker then steal there is no way a alloy soft leik aluminum and as thine dout as that coudl cut steal that is no where near as thinned out it woudnt even cut your tires cuz its so thined out its damn aluminum and moutnain dew is great but u chould just liek bite int it cuz itl go flat by the time it thaws out and i luv mountain dew mor ehtne well my own mother lol but i cant stand flat dew

  16. Freeze half a can of Mountain Dew, pour the rest in it, wait a couple of seconds and viola, you have a Mountain Dew slurpie


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