Sunday, May 11, 2008

«Taken on May 6»

Here's a few more pictures I took on May 6, here in Ketchikan, Alaska. Although I concentrated on taking pictures of the cruise ship (Star Princess) that day, I took a few pictures of other things. Click an image to view full.

A view of our tunnel from the cruise ship dock. Here you can see the houses on top the tunnel. An interesting little piece of trivia: the houses on top are older than the tunnel itself.
Ketchikan cruise ship dock and tunnel, May 6, 2008.
Ok, here's another picture of the cruise ship that was in that day. I think this picture is a better size comparison between the ship and buses.
Cruise ship and bus size comparison.
The Ketchikan Creek fish ladder, and the creek itself. The town was named after this creek. The creek was named Kitschk-hin by the native Tlingit indians.
Ketchikan Creek fish ladder.
These stairs are part of Married Man's Trail. The name of the trail comes from the early 1900's, when married men used it as a hidden path to the brothels on Creek Street.
Married Man's Trail stairs.
Interesting little rock arrangement I found.
Rock arrangement.


  1. I like it.... Cute li'l town Marf !

    The married men's trail. I knew it had to have been used for that when you mentioned its history as the red light district...

    I still can't get over the sections of wooden roads/streets whatever they would be called...


  2. Yeah, I went and looked up the history behind that trail. It's what I figured.

    Yeah, we have boardwalks as some streets. They have street signs and everything... One bad thing about that is many houses in town are not anywhere near wheelchair accessible.


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