Tuesday, May 27, 2008

«Long Exposures»

Last night I was playing with long exposures. At first I started when it was still too bright outside. I got mostly white images. Later (10:30-ish PM) I got a picture. With a long exposure of a road, all you see are the trails of the headlights and tail lights of the cars; not the cars themselves.

You can see by the trails this picture, one car pulled up and stopped at a red light, and another came from the Plaza parking lot and went up Washington Street. 5 second exposure.
5 second exposure of Tongass in Ketchikan, Alaska.
This is one of the ones that were a bit too bright, but I like the phantom effect on the people with the stroller to the right of the image. I played around a little in Photoshop, trying to bring out the details in an otherwise overexposed, over-bright image. It was taken before the image above; while it was still fairly light out. 14.18 second exposure.
Phantom stroller

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  1. How fun. Yeah, the ghost people are a very cool touch to the image.


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