Friday, May 9, 2008

«Macro Photography»

I've been playing around with the new camera. Here's a few images I took up close with manual focus. I've always liked macro photography. You can take a picture of a very mundane object and get an amazingly detailed picture from it. Click an image to view full. You're free to use these as desktop backgrounds if you wish.

This is a photo up close of the needles of an asparagus fern.
Asparagus fern macro photo
Incense stick burning.
Incense macro photo
Another photo of the incense stick.
Incense macro photo
A flower from a christmas cactus, that seems to flower all times of the year except Christmas.
Christmas cactus flower macro photo
You can probably expect more of this type of photos to be posted here in the future as I find interesting objects. If you're interested in getting the original sized images (2560x1920), just email me a request for them at: [To stop spambots, you must have javascript enabled to view the email address]. Blogger sizes down large images when you upload them to a post.

EDIT: Full-original-sized images now available when you click to view full.


  1. Awesome !

    The last image is especially stunning. Very nicely done....

  2. Very nice pictures. What camera did you get?

  3. @ Monique: Thanks.

    @ Looney: It is an Olympus SP-570 UZ. It's actually my dad's camera.


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