Friday, May 23, 2008

«We Love You Dr. Freeman»

I haven't been in a real "bloggy" mood lately... That and the weather hasn't been that bad here, so I've been outside. I went on a several mile bicycle ride today.

Anyway, for no apparent reason, this video came to mind. It's about the Half Life game's story.

We Love You, Dr. Freeman (HL Parody)


  1. Hmmm.... I came here to give you grief for missing your first day of blogging....

    Cool about the bike ride... You definitely have the gorgeous scenery to make it easy to go for miles and miles..

  2. What exactly is necessary for a PhD in Badassery? I want one.

  3. Well I'll tell you what's necessary for a PhD in Badassery.

    First, you have to be a theoretical physicist in a secret military underground base, doing research on developing a teleporter. Then, things go horribly, horribly wrong with a resonance cascade, and opens a portal to another interdimensional planet and hostile aliens start to flood onto Earth.

    With not much more than a crowbar, you need to kill a bunch of aliens, and military soldiers (they've been ordered to kill anything, even the scientists) when they arrive, enter the alien world, and kill the giant fetus that's holding open the portal.

    When the G-Man comes to draft your services, you'll have officially obtained your PhD in Badassery.

  4. Oh Gahhh, that's just too hard. Interesting, but hard. I'll stick w/ my Billy Bad Ass status. I've already earned it.


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