Thursday, May 8, 2008

«Read The Fine Print»

So I saw a hell of a deal from Publisher's Clearing House in the mail. They say you've won a guaranteed cash prize. Please just send us $21.96 as a processing fee to claim your cash prize. Cash prizes total over $600,000!1

Then you read the fine print and see there's only about a 1 out of 996,999 odds that your cash prize will be anything over $0.79 (and the grand prize is only $9,600). That's a hell of a deal on their part. You send me $21.96 and I'll send you $0.79 back.

How do they figure a cash prize total over $600,000? You try sending $0.79 to 996,999 people... Remember, that's their "total" cash prize payout.

1: Not the exact amount they quoted as their total cash prize payout, just an approximation.

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  1. OH, someone said no....

    Your post reminded me of this :
    Biggest Scam

    We used to get these a lot, but I haven't seen one in forever.


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