Thursday, May 1, 2008

«A Word About My Layout»

You may not realize it, but some thought and work went into this blog design. It's custom-made by me. There are a few things that I've checked it for, such as visibility for different kinds of color blindness (using this page). I've also tried to design for people who use a larger font size than the default. If you increase the font size, most things on the blog should scale with it; at least for a size or two. I know some of you don't like dark backgrounds. No-one complains about light backgrounds because they are a standard. I personally like dark backgrounds. I often sit in a dark room when I'm using my computer, and dark backgrounds cause less eyestrain for me. It is my blog, so I have chosen to use a dark background. I have a little personal liberty, don't I? Maybe after I get everything all tweaked out with this design, I'll make a lighter layout and have a way to choose between them. I have tested a method I came up with for doing this and it works just fine, although I can't change the color of the ads on the fly, so they look out of place in a lighter layout. But for now I'm still doing minor tweaks to this layout. I've been thinking about changing the coloring of the navigation menu so it stands out a little more. If you have any thoughts or ideas for the navigation menu, please, leave me a comment here. Or any suggestions for the layout or color scheme in general. I'm always open to suggestions. Also, completely unrelated... The 6am Elevated train. When you see it you'll shit bricks.


  1. Sneaky !!

    I had no idea you had given thought to the color-blind.


  2. I try to think of things like that. I haven't tried it yet with a plain text browser or text-to-speech (for the blind). I don't know how you'd ever use a computer blind... But people do.


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