Friday, July 17, 2009

«09' Vacation Extract: Restroom Problems»

Leaving Junction City and heading North to Federal Way, Washington. We stopped at a rest area that had a few... Problems. Closed because of "Problems". Ok, do I really want to know? Also, what's with that other sign: "Garbage removal prohibited"... What?! And remember children, no soliciting toilets with "Problems".
Rest Rooms Temporarily Closed / Because of Problems.

Click image to view full.


  1. Problems? LOL uh ok.

  2. I think anyone that soloicits (sp?) around toilets or has to be told theyre not allowed to remove trash from a public restrooms have problems far worse than the restroom itself lol

  3. @ Anonymous (#2): What I find the most disturbing is that someone felt there was a need for those signs to begin with. They must have had regular problems with that sort of activity...

  4. How can you misspell "solicits"? It's right there in the picture!


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