Thursday, July 16, 2009

«A Moment of Silence»

A moment of silence for Zelda Zenge, my Sims 3 Legacy founder. She has passed away at 92 days old. (lifespan set to 90 days)


It's almost a beautiful thing when a Sim dies of old age. Her husband Erick, 2 days older than she was, is still alive. That's him near the bookcase.
Zelda Zenge dies of old age.

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She didn't quite achieve everything I wanted her to. She had written 25 books and was working on a Masterpiece of writing when she died. I only wish she would have survived long enough to finish it. Her life was rather shorter than I expected. She was a Vegetarian and had completed the Marathon Runner challenge; both of those were suppose to extend her life. Yet she died before her husband who had neither of those.

At least she was surrounded by all her family when the Grim Reaper came for her. From left to right: Jake (son), Zelda (the ghost herself), Lillian (daughter), Grim Reaper, Linda (granddaughter), Bonnie (granddaughter), Burton (son-in-law), and Erick (husband).
Zelda Zenge dies of old age.
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Legacy Point total of 16.
Generation: 3
Lifetime Wish: 4
Portraits: 5
Net Worth: 2
Aspiration: 2

Creepy enough for you yet, Monique?


  1. LOL Something like that. So explain, what is the bubble over bikini girl's head w/ the bed, gray smiley and green gem?

  2. @ Monique: The bubble shows what she's thinking about. That symbol with the bed and the smiley face means she's starting to get tired.

    The bikini girl is Bonnie, and I think she'll be my next heir.

  3. I think it's a beautiful thing the way you play...unlike the way I play using mods from sexy sims and modthesims I have turned sims 3 game into a pr0n simulator. <---- yes I know I am a dirty dirty btard.

  4. @ stratagem: Heh, your way can be a beautiful thing, too. I remember a Sims 2 mod that allowed all sorts of sex positions on the kitchen counters.

    I just haven't gotten tired of the core game yet. I started to, but then I decided to try the Legacy Challenge.

    I think it's apparent (from other posts) that I'm a dirty /b/tard as well.


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