Sunday, July 12, 2009

«Legacy Trait Woes»

Just a quick update on my Sims 3 Legacy family, the Zenge family. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check this link: Sims 3 Legacy Challenge.

In the Legacy challenge you have to roll random traits, except for a Family Trait if you're using that option (and I am).

Lillian, the planned-to-be heir of my family, just aged up to a teen. When she was born she rolled Couch Potato and Hates the Outdoors. Ok, I can deal with that... Then when she became a child I was able to pick Bookworm (Family Trait). I selected the Illustrious Author lifetime wish (max painting and writing skill) when it became available. Seemed to fit.

When she aged up to a teen just now she rolled, wait for it... Can't Stand Art. That makes me sad... How quirky is an artist that hates art? Might be interesting I suppose.

Here's a screenshot of Lillian at her birthday, about to age from a toddler to a child. That's her father Erick holding her, and her mother Zelda (the founder) in the background.
Lillian's birthday

Click image to view full.

Also, her brother was born and I named him Jake. He rolled Friendly and Hates the Outdoors. The mother, my founder (Zelda Zenge) just reached level 7 in painting. So I'll be able to get a portrait of her husband Erick soon, and that will be my first legacy point in the Portraits category!

Legacy Point total of 2.
Generation: 2
Lifetime Wish: 0
Portraits: 0
Net Worth: 0
Aspiration: 0


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