Wednesday, July 22, 2009

«Lessons Of Stupidity»

We've all had those moments of stupidity.

Lessons Of Stupidity


  1. I agree with this guy. Everyone makes mistakes.. to error is to be human. The best one can do is to learn from ones mistakes and to not let the fear of making further mistakes hinder you from attempting difficult tasks.
    I can site a personal example I learned how to build custom gaming pc's from alot of trial error and also reading about said subject.
    I have completely destroyed a PC before. I was learning.. I wanted to know what a switch did so I flipped it ... turns out is changed the voltage and completely fried the pc. Stupid yes.. But I didn't let it stop me from learning. Every pc I build is better then the last not simply on a speed level but in quality and longevity.
    The point is I made a mistake.. I sometimes I use the mistake as an example that everyone makes mistakes as they learn and even experts make mistakes. Often people will just throw it back in your face or belittle you later because of it... Totally missing the point. We have a culture of fear of mistakes which is especially strong in the world of higher academia. I find that interesting seeing that a huge amount of the learning process involves making mistakes.

    I believe if your interested willing and not afraid of making mistakes (also a special someone is prodding you along) You can go far in your chosen field.

    Open or closed mind? I have neither. I think it's best to have a filtered mind. To keep the bullshit out and to let in the solid arguments in.

  2. @ stratagem: Indeed. I have a friend who left out the spacers behind the motherboard when they were building a computer.

    Not only did the cards not line up with the back of the case, but every solder point on the back of the motherboard was shorting out to the metal case. He was lucky though, the power supply self-protected and the computer was fine.

    Yeah, I like to remind him of that stupidity every once and a while, but one thing's for sure: he'll never make that mistake again.


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