Tuesday, July 21, 2009

«Zenge Family Tree»

I've made a family tree for my Zenge family. That way it will be easier to keep tack of everyone in my Sims 3 Legacy.

Erick has died. He outlasted his wife well beyond what I had expected. He survived to 101 days old. He lived a full life and accomplished everything I had planned for him, and then some. He ended up being quite the cook, maximizing the cooking skill before he died. Now I truly feel as though I'm playing a legacy. All of generation 1 is dead.

I have a mate for Bonnie. In fact, she's pregnant with Generation 4. However, until the baby is actually born her mate isn't part of the bloodline officially. So I won't say who it is yet.

I'll be updating the family tree as often as I can, so expect to see new information there.


  1. Cool. Still freaky as shit to me, but very cool. So if someday I hear of you taking over a group of people, forcing them to live as you say w/ shock collars, mind control drugs or something of the like --- I'll know where it started.

  2. @ Monique: Ah, I see why you think it's freaky. Rest assured, I view games very differently than real life.


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