Sunday, July 19, 2009

«Moon Landing Conspiracy Rekindled»

NASA friggin' erased the original moon landing footage! What's going to fuel the renewed conspiracy theorists even more is Hollywood has the backups.

I tell you what... It was bad enough before with all these people saying we didn't actually land on the moon. Now this? Come on NASA, I thought you were too good to make such stupid mistakes...

*sigh* Damnit... NASA, I am disappoint [sic].
Fake moon landing stage


  1. "Inchalik said he would never consider colorizing it, as has been done to black-and-white classic films. And the moon is mostly gray anyway."

    I LOL'd.

  2. I thought you were a smart cookie Marf aren't you aware this was all faked.. I mean clearly the tens of thousand of pictures they brought back were all shooped 30 years ago... The Communist Russians were in on It with america keeping all silent after the faking obviously they were paid off.. and the 400.000 people who were involved the project... all liars and half wits they were.. never telling the truth... Plus those thousands of scientific elitist pricks from across the globe whome been examining moon rocks for over 30 years all claiming them to be real... Fuckers are in on it too... I heard one jackoff saying we had a mirror up their you could reflect a laser off and measure the distance from the earth to the moon.. well I have no idea how the fuck that works so it's obviously bullshit too.... (this is good rant I gona save this and put it on b LOL)

  3. @ stratagem: They have a big fricken' laser beam they shoot at the moon. They get no light reflected back from it unless they hit the reflector. Then they use the angle the light came back at and a little trigonometry, and they can tell how far away the moon is within a few millimeters. They can also measure the delay it takes the light to get there and back. For some reason, scientists can measure the speed of light more accurately than the meter itself.

    But, I sense a hint of sarcasm from you and I'm just being trolled.

  4. Holy Shit on a stick how could I have been so blind to the real truth. You have enlightened me Nathaniel

  5. @ Nathaniel: That... is a great site. lol

  6. looking through my telescope last night I think I saw Michael Jackson on the moon, peeking out from behind the American flag.

  7. @ Daryl Rano: How would Michael Jackson have gotten to the moon so fast? I just saw him in Las Vegas.


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