Friday, July 3, 2009

«09' Vacation Photos, Part 2 (Photo Heavy)»

Continued from yesterday's post. These photos are in chronological order, and were taken on the dates of May 18th and May 19th, 2009. Click an image to view full.

On the road again. In Portland, Oregon you can see this interesting cable structure...
Odd cable structure in Portland, Oregon
Crossing the Columbia River into Washington state.
Crossing the Columbia River into Washington State.
Semi-panoramic view from our Comfort Inn hotel room in Federal Way, Washington. Yes, it's 2 images very poorly stitched together. They didn't match up well and I didn't want to spend much time on it. It gives the general idea of what you could see from here. You'll want to view full, though it's a large picture (5056x1818 pixels).
View from Comfort Inn in Federal Way, Washington.
Approaching Seattle, Washington. You can see the Seattle skyline.
Approaching Seattle, Washington.
My dad and I went to the Pacific Science Center. What a waste. It is geared towards children. If we knew that, we would not have went.
Front entrance to the Pacific Science Center
What good is a trip to Seattle without a picture of the iconic Space Needle? (Taken from within the Pacific Science Center.)
Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.
Down near the waterfront in Seattle, looking toward the Quest Field stadium.
Near the waterfront, looking toward the Quest Field stadium.
Within Pike Place Market (Farmer's Market).
Within Pike Place Market.
This is right outside one end of Pike Place Market. That building with the 3-story poster on it is ugly.
View outside the Pike Place Market.
Really ugly...
Ugly building in Seattle, Washington.
I hate to break right in the middle of our day in Seattle, but I'll continue on Sunday (July 5th, 2009).


  1. I think the pic w/ the ad on the broken beaten building, is pretty cool. And I like her hair.

    The one of you all going over the bridge w/ that truck in front of you? Does it bother you at all? The logs or whatever was the first thing I saw in it, and I actually said out loud "oh no, huh uh".

    I always change lanes, I'm terrified of something coming off of them and impaling me. I also get really weird if I have to be next to a semi, their power freaks me out.

    Not sure why I'm confessing, but this is my space to say what I wanna. =)

  2. @ Monique: We've been behind logging trucks in Ketchikan, and there was no other lane to switch to (other than oncoming traffic!). I guess you just get used to it?


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