Thursday, July 23, 2009

«Penn Says: The Free Market»

Penn Says: Viewer Mail - The Free Market

Yeah, in a Utopian world maybe... In the real world corporations will do anything to cut manufacturing costs, even at the expense of their customers' health. Then bribe the private "consumer reports" companies. The problem with private consumer reports is that all they can do is report; they can't enforce.

Without some government oversight there will come to rise a single company as a monopoly of a particular product or service, able to force/buy out competitors. There will not be any alternatives, so customers will have to make due with whatever quality of product is available.

I'd like to call myself a Libertarian, too. But I'm also a realist that knows we don't live in a Utopia, and never will.


  1. Libertarianism seems to be the new Communism.

    It's a utopian economic scheme that wouldn't work well in the real world, but has a lot of very fervent followers among smart, educated people.

  2. @ Nathaniel: Except that it's about the polar opposite of communism in its ideals.


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