Sunday, July 5, 2009

«09' Vacation Photos, Part 3 (Photo Heavy)»

These pictures were all taken on May 19th, 2009. These are all in Seattle, Washington. Picking up where I left off on Friday. Click an image to view full.

Now this is what I wanted to see. I love skyscrapers. This is the Chase Center, 6th tallest in Seattle. Though I guess it was called the WaMu Center when I took the picture. Amazing that shit's already been re-named since I was there...
Chase Center in Seattle, Washington.
The Washington Mutual Tower, 2nd tallest in Seattle. Beautiful building.
Washington Mutual tower in Seattle, Washington.
The Seattle Public Library is so funky looking...
Seattle Public Library.
There's the Columbia Center, the tallest building in Seattle. It has an observation deck on the 73rd floor. You'll have to wait for another post for that view.
Columbia Center in Seattle, Washington.
This is the Seattle Municipal Tower, 4th tallest in Seattle.
Seattle Municipal Tower.
Standing under the edge of the Rainier Tower, 11th tallest in Seattle. Yes, they put the building on a pedestal.
Standing under the Rainier Tower.
Here's a shot of the US Bank Centre. 8th tallest building in Seattle. When I went to post this picture, it took me a while to identify the building, the image of it on Wikipedia makes the building look darker.
US bank Centre in Seattle, Washington.
This seemed like the strangest thing to me... My dad and I were standing here watching cars drive in and out of this building. I realize it's a parking garage, but it just doesn't look like one.
Parking Garage
This is the Tower 801 (no Wikipedia article). It was also a tough one to identify. How would you like to have one of the apartments in the lower right, where they're up against that other building and have no view?
Tower 801 in Seattle, Washington.
Here we are on I-5, we've left Seattle.
Interstate 5 South of Seattle, Washington.
To be continued on Tuesday (July 7th, 2009).


  1. I love the shot of the first building, you obviously do too since it was, you know, first.

    The 2nd, gorgeous.
    3rd is funky, you're right.
    4th, we'll see.
    6th, ODD. What is the reasoning there? Do you know?
    9th, looks like Necco wafers stuck out of the side or like something more adult and unmentionable.

  2. @ Monique: They are posted in chronological order of when I took them. However, I did try to get that one first for today.

    The 6th one, the Rainier Tower, is just because they could. It makes it stand out... The architect is the same one that designed the World Trade Center (and the building diagonal across the street from the Rainier Tower).

    Tower 801 (the 9th pic), I just thought it was cool.

  3. Those buildings are really cool !

  4. The pic that you say looks like a parking garage is actually the convention center.


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