Friday, July 31, 2009

«Old Portal Video»

This is an old video, but for those of you that still don't quite get the concept of Portal, perhaps it will clear things up.

Portal Teaser Trailer


  1. I've seen this video before, on the Orange Box they show it when you are going to select the game. What ever happened to your Spore people, have you taken over the entire galaxy yet or is your gaming attention still on the Sims 3?

  2. @ Sam: My gaming attention is on Portal right now. Or more specifically, making my own Portal map.

    My Spore galaxy hasn't changed much.

  3. I think a better way to understand is to play Narbacular Drop, which was the prototype. Valve saw it, and hired the entire programming team.

  4. @ Nathaniel: Yeah, I knew Valve hired the entire Narbacular Drop team, but I've never played the game.


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