Thursday, July 9, 2009

«Sims 3 Legacy Challenge»

I've decided to try the Sims 3 Legacy Challenge. There have been legacy challenges for the previous Sims games as well, but I never tried them. I've always found the rules for the legacy challenge too restrictive in the past. However, the rules for Sims 3 don't look too bad.

I just started, I've chosen to use 2 of the optional rules. One is the Family Trait rule, so every sim born in the family will have to have my chosen trait. I've chosen the Bookworm trait. The other optional rule is the Matriarchy option, so only a female in my family can be an heir.

So far I've got my founder, Zelda Zenge. She's a Bookworm, Family-Oriented, Perfectionist, Vegetarian, and Artistic. She's wrote 4 books so far, and amazingly all of them have been best-sellers. Her lifetime wish is to be a Professional Author; she seems on track for that. Yet money is still extremely tight right now.

She has married Erick Spudel, the story-progression-spawned son of a clone of a sim I made. The rules say I may use an existing neighborhood (game file), so I did. He's Absent-Minded, Insane, Excitable, Good, and an Angler. He was working at the grocery store when he entered the family, but I've since changed his career to law-enforcement. His lifetime wish is to be an International Super Spy, so I'm working him toward that.

They have one daughter, Lillian, who is in the toddler stage (so that's generation 2). There's also another baby on the way.

Right now Legacy Points-wise I have a total of 2.
Generation: 2
Lifetime Wish: 0
Portraits: 0
Net Worth: 0
Aspiration: 0

To explain the clone thing I mentioned earlier... The story progression feature of the game will make sure your neighbors age and progress in their jobs/relationships/families/lives at the same rate as the sims you control. So you'll have random babies appear in families and such. Sometimes the game will clone a random sim if the neighborhood needs a higher population. I hate that it does this, but whatever.

Anyway (keeping in mind this all happened before I started the Legacy Challenge), this clone then proceeded to asexually produce a son (out of my control). This child then grew into a young adult. At which point the clone made a fatal mistake. He stole a plate of Ambrosia (very special, magical food) from the family I was playing at the time. I boxed him in and starved him to death as punishment.

EDIT: I now have a family tree for the Zenge legacy.


  1. That's fucking freaky.

  2. @ Monique: Sometimes freaky things happen in Sims games. It's all part of it.

  3. Help. I need to find a site with the legacy rules on; I can't find them ANYWHERE!! :^(


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