Wednesday, July 15, 2009

«3rd Generation Was Born»

Another update on my Zenge Family Legacy for the Sims 3.

Lillian grew up, got married to a black man (Burton) and had twin girls! Linda and Bonnie. Oddly, one is black and one is white. Here they are fresh from the hospital, they just got home.
Linda and Bonnie home for the first time from the hospital.

Click image to view full.

Now I get to be racist and decide if I want the white baby (Bonnie) or the black baby (Linda) to be my next heir for my legacy.

This makes my founder (Zelda) and her husband (Erick) grandparents now. And they look it, they've aged into elders. This also marks the furthest I've ever taken a family tree in a Sims game. That's right, despite the fact I've played all 3 Sims games, I've never had any of my Sims become grandparents - ever.

The back story of how Lillian met Burton is kind-of interesting. She met him and I liked his traits (Workaholic, Genius, Neat, Family-Oriented, and Hopeless Romantic). However, he was already in a relationship with someone else. She got "friendly" with Burton then asked him to break up with his other lover. Little did I know he already had a kid with this other woman. I didn't find that out until she married him. So little Linda and Bonnie have a teenage half-sister that's living in a different household. It's of little concern, because the half-sister is not blood related to my founder, and so she doesn't count for anything in the Legacy Challenge.

I've made some headway points-wise. I've got 3 portraits painted now, I'm still missing Jake (the uncle of the babies) and Burton (the father of the babies). My founder and her husband both achieved over 100,000 aspiration points, so I got points from that. I know, it's going to get tough to keep track of who's who and how they are related1...

Legacy Point total of 10.
Generation: 3
Lifetime Wish: 2
Portraits: 3
Net Worth: 0
Aspiration: 2

1: So it's not so tough to keep track of, I made a family tree!


  1. Why do I find it all very creepy?

  2. @ Monique: I don't know. The father's facial expression is a little intense I suppose.

  3. why is she wearing gloves?

  4. @ Monique: Because that's how she is. She's a neurotic artist that hates art. Why not gloves?

  5. To quote Bruno "I gave him a traditional African American Name..... OJ... " and now you know what to name your digital spawn.

  6. @ Strategem: I decided on the white baby being the heir, based on the color of her skin (but not racism!) Portraits painted of black Sims look like silhouettes; there's no definition or detail. Because portraits are part of the Legacy Challenge, that little detail matters.


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