Tuesday, March 18, 2008

«Get Set...»

Alaskan Sunset on December 2nd 2007Before I go into this post, I'd like to point out the sunset image to the right can be used as a desktop background, click the image to view the full size. I took this image on December 2, 2007.

To counter the Escape Hatch article Up, Up, n Shut Up where the word "up" has so many meanings, I present to you the word "set".

From Wikipedia:
"Set has 464 separate definitions in the Oxford English Dictionary, the most of any English word; its full definition comprises 10,000 words making it the longest definition in the OED."

Let's set the stage... So get set! (and set about making this post)

Shall I set the pencil on the table, set it in concrete, or set it free?
Shall I set a broken bone and set it in a cast?
Shall I set the sails and set out on the open sea?
Shall I set my clocks, set a table, or set my hair?
Shall I set the story in Alaska?
Shall I set up the set for Act 2 of the performance?

Shall we set a legal precedent?
Shall we set a date for an occasion?
Shall we set off on an adventure, or set off an alarm?
Shall we set the janitor to work?
Shall we set two friends against each other?
Shall we set a record, set a good example, or just set a gem?

Will that pendant be set with emeralds?
Will I set a great deal with this offer?
Will you pay my bail that the judge set at $100,000? 1
Will you set a value on my life?
Will you set a seed for planting?
Will you set a trap for me?

Is the sun going to set soon?
Is there a time set?
Is the paint set?
Is the glue set up?
Is the mental set of our audience set how we want it?
Is there a tag set in your clothing?
Is it set in stone?

Let's set ourselves apart from others. But please, don't be set off by my personality.
Let's set aside our differences. Or are you set in your ways?
Let's set aside that item and save it for later.
Let's set at our enemies.
Let's not be set back by them. Especially not be set back financially by that $100,000.
Let's set forth, set forward, and set off.
Let's set off an explosion.
Let's set off your temper.
Let's set to work.

Do you see a set pattern?
Do you have your hammock set out?
Do you have enough reserves set by?
Do you have a computer set up?
Do you like my set up?
Do you want to set it in motion?
Do you have your heart set on it? Or have you set your sights on it?
Do you still worship the Egyptian god set?
Do I need to be set straight?

Are you set up to be a dictator?
Are you going to set up a charity?
Are you going to set out to find out what went wrong?
Are you going to set up that figurine that fell?
Are you going to set me on fire? Or set fire to my house?
Are you going to set a foot in my house?

I'm going to set up shop so I can sell of my set of collectibles.
I'm going to use a mathematical set.

I've got a chemistry set and a chess set.
I've set aside many examples because I didn't want to use them, so this isn't a complete set.
I've set the final example I'm going to write, so I hope you've been set back by the sheer number of definitions for the word "set".

Yes, I wrote all of that myself. I was using an online dictionary to make the examples. I tried not to use the same usage twice, but I may have once or twice.)

1: For example only, I don't really have a bail and I'm not in trouble with the law.


  1. Nice picture. Is that local? Did you take it?

  2. Yeah, well, "up" is a prettier word. So there.

    ((464, seriously ? That's nuts.))

  3. P.S.
    Gorgeous picture !!

  4. @Looney: Yes, the picture is local. Taken right here in Ketchikan, Alaska; by me. I was looking for a sunset picture for the article, and decided just to use one of my own.

    @Monique: As for what word is prettier, that's based on individual opinion. But my picture is prettier. :p

  5. You pic makes me want to start my Chasing Light pics again....

    It is true that "prettier" is a personal opinion, but you have to admit that "up" can be used in a much more positive way, while also having many more uses then "set" to tell someone off or just be pissy in general.

    Making ya think ?

    Heard from Bernadette (Doodler), she has some new stuff on her Deviant Art page. The Doodle Page finally has a new post - yea !

  6. @ Monique: So do a lot of curse words. They can be used to compliment or really set someone off.

    Oh, good. I'll go take a look at the Doodle Page. I'm subscribed to its web feed, so I'll get the notification of a new post from that.

  7. Hey Marf - busy comments section today....

    Do you have a button for your blog ? If you do or feel "up" to making one and sharing it, send it my way. I have you linked, but a button is so much "prettier".

    I'm going to work on one for the Doodle Page, to post on Escape Hatch - if you feel the urge to promote the Doodle Page, that'd be awesome. W/out Bernadette's work, it would be dead by now. Gotta "set" something "up".

  8. @ Monique: Yeah, I saw you have me linked, thanks for that. I have links to you scattered throughout posts that I mention you in. And I'll be sure to link to you in my links section when I get my new additions up and running.

    No, I don't have a button. But I actually prefer text links. It's a search engine thing... They can't read pictures.

    Now a background image behind the text would work, but that might be too much for what you want to do. I suppose if you want I can design a button of sorts, but it will have some html code along with it. I'd probably use a div tag and put a background image in that, and have the text be the actual link.

  9. Whatever works for you. Couldn't I just add whatever text to the link of the image, would that not be picked up effectively by engines ?

    I have noticed the links in the posts, and they are much appreciated.

    I just think it would be cool to have buttons to the blogs I frequent most, if you feel like playing w/ it, send me what you come up w/ sometime.... The HTML isn't a biggie, I think I can handle it - or figure it out - or ask.

  10. This is from the Google Webmaster Guidelines:
    "Try to use text instead of images to display important names, content, or links. The Google crawler doesn't recognize text contained in images."

    I'm not sure if it recognizes alt text within an image or not for links. But just to be sure, I'd rather have text links.


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