Saturday, March 15, 2008

«Co$ at Work»

I can't help but notice there are videos of today's protests getting pulled from YouTube. There's no point to link to them because they're pulled, but a couple video IDs are 1fMc3YuRfh4 and OG5wBYF0dwA. These were videos of the protests in London and New York.

The cult of Scientology is suppressing freedom of speech, again. Co$ is afraid, and they're doing everything they can to discredit or silence Anonymous.

Scientology is Afraid of Anonymous


  1. Where have I been ? W/out your blog, I would have blissfully continued on in my complete ignorance of "Anonymous" and the war on Scientology.

    I guess I'm in a nosey mood today, first asking about Marf and now wondering, what do you believe ? Scientology, out I assume. Formed religion is out based on earlier posts. Are you an athiest ?

    It is very possible that it is none of my buisness, but I am curious, and if you wish you share, that'd be cool.

  2. First off, ask away. If I didn't want people asking questions I'd disable comments. I'm actually pretty open, if someone asks.

    Back in January I was really going at it against Scientology. Take a look in the blog archive.

    Yes, I'm an atheist. Perhaps most accurately described on Drek's 'On Atheism: Part One', I'm a strong materialist atheist (by the definition he has set forth).

    But there are other, more valid reasons I'm against Scientology.

  3. Who is that guy in the video? I know nuttin' of Scientology. I do know there are some actors that are into it. Didn't an author start it all, 'bout aliens or somethin', I dunno. *shrugs*

    I have more of an agnostic perspective then that of an atheist view point. But generally, our ideals are in the same direction.

  4. @|bd|: The guy in the video is Mark Bunker. A good page to go to for information about Scientology is

    It doesn't matter to me what they believe, or even how it got started. Every religion is silly to me, and I feel people can believe whatever they want. What matters to me is the unethical behavior of the organization of Scientology, and their exploitation of their members' bank accounts... Yet they're tax exempt.


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