Tuesday, March 25, 2008

«Still Working on Things, Slowly»

Mr. Yuck stickerTurns out yesterday's Motivational Monday post contained a "poison word" for Ad Sense. It caused non-paying ads to show. I've since then fixed it, but I'll have to watch what I say if I want to keep the ads I guess. I'm only accumulating a few cents a day from it, but it's better than nothing.1

As I said in a previous post, you'd be surprised at how few websites validate. According to Design Oahu, only 5 out of the top 50 websites validate. I've been looking further into how to get the blog to validate. It looks like it might be possible to reduce the number of errors. However, that blogger navbar at the top is still going to generate some errors no matter what I do, because it is an iframe. Frames are not supported in xhtml strict, simple as that.

I do have a Games section on the way (maybe next week). Once that is up, I truly will not have a need for Realm of Marf. That's the last major section not ported over yet. (the web feeds section wasn't at all popular, so it's being dropped)

I'm surprised at the number of visitors I have over at Realm of Marf. It's on the order of 40-50 visits a day, and gaining for some reason... I hope they will transfer over here when I move the Games section. And yes, I've stopped linking to it because it's going to be gone soon. Well, ok, not gone... Empty with links pointing here so people can update their bookmarks instead of getting a 404 error.

1: Disclaimer: I am in no way encouraging or implying you to click on the ads, that's against the Ad Sense TOS. Only click on an ad if you have a genuine interest.


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