Tuesday, March 4, 2008

«Resume Workshop»

I'm glad to hear Monique isn't as bad as I originally feared. She's already regretting the deletion of Escape Hatch. I had a comment from her on that article that straitened me out.

Unemployed DragonI went to a resume workshop today at the local job center. There's a major job fair on Thursday that I'm planning to go to. Maybe I'll actually stop being a bum and finally get a job. I'll keep you all updated with that.
(gasp! I'm actually talking about my personal life!)

What's funny is some of the "don'ts" on a list we were given. Things like "References: None... I leave a path of destruction in my wake." Supposedly that was actually something that was on a resume. Most of the other ones were mistakes caused by a spell checker, where it selects the wrong word. An example would be "rabid typist", when it was supposed to be rapid typist. Or one that said "I hope to hear from you shorty" (instead of shortly). That one was sent to an employer that actually was a short man.


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