Wednesday, March 26, 2008

«Shoelaces and Aglets»

My shoelace finally broke on one of my shoes, I knew it was getting weak. I went through shoelaces fast with my last pair of shoes. This is the first time I've had to replace them with these shoes, however. The little aglet came off last week, but now the lace itself broke.

The tips at the end of shoelaces are called "aglets". Their true purpose is sinister.

- Justice League Unlimited

Ever notice the word aglet seems to be a forgotten and underused word in English? Even my spell checker seems to have forgotten it. They are more commonly referred to as "those little things at the ends of shoelaces". You'd think aglet would be easier to say...

I wasn't sure if the new laces were going to work, they are shorter than the originals. That's another thing you never really think about; just how long shoelaces are. The ones I took out are 6 feet long.

Wow, what an interesting blog post! Shoelaces and aglets... I guess they can't all be riveting.


  1. Well, ok, but what kind of shoes are they ?

  2. I suppose you could call them hiking boots... I wear them for winter.

  3. what is their true purpose?

  4. @ Anonymous (#3): To prevent the lace's end from fraying and to make it easier to thread the lase through the loops.


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