Friday, March 28, 2008

«Vanity Searching»

Ever do a Google search for your name? It's called vanity searching (also egosurfing). You get best results if you put quotes around your name in the search bar, that way you only get that exact phrase. I do vanity searches now and then to keep track of what the world is saying about me (turns out, not much).

My name is pretty unique on the Internet, so most (but not all) of the results are about me. Out of the 10 that come up, 6 of them are specifically about me. If I click “repeat the search with the omitted results included” then 25 out of 29 are about me. Most are articles from this blog, and that's only the articles that have been re-indexed since I've put my name down in the creative commons footer information.

Nothing too interesting comes up for my name really, other than my blog and website. If I switch over to Google image search, I only get a few pictures of my seamonkey tank.

An actor's name comes up for my dad. Anyone else have something interesting come up?


  1. Nope, I've never done that--but I think I'll give it a go now that you've mentioned it. *tehe*

  2. Wow, someone that has never vanity searched... Amazing.

  3. Oh absolutely I have. Strangely enough, using my maiden name brought up many family members I knew nothing about.

    Monique alone finds rather interesting stuff. There are many many photographers out there using Monique, which I always think is awesome.

    I wouldn't call it an uncommon name, but it is a thrill when I meet another Monique. It isn't something that has happened often for me, I've only personally met maybe 1/2 a dozen in my life.

    Not completely off topic, but TMI w/out doubt....

    Now, do a search for Escape Hatch and I'm the 28th listing. Which I think is pretty cool out of 487,000.

  4. Those are some strange looking things in that jar....

    Yes, of course I looked.

  5. @ Monique: I've met 2 other people with the name Cody, and both were not all there mentally (one was a special ed kid).

    With a search for Master Marf I rank #1 out of 23,900...

    And what jar?

  6. Oh I've met a few Cody's.

    The jar of Sea Monkeys. What was circled in the pictures ? Do you still have them ? Are they really living creatures ? Do tell.

  7. @ Monique: Oh, the Seamonkys. The circles in the images are around the Seamonkys that are visible in the tank. They are alive, they are brine shrimp. And yes, I still have them, but I have been neglecting them and I don't think there's many left.

  8. Ok so I don't need to repeat myself after all....

    That's pretty cool though that you've had them so long.

    The little crystal like formations they show (or did when I saw the ads for them ages ago, are those part of the whole creation, or do you add them yourself ?

    I swear I don't know why I'm so interested - L. But humor me.

  9. @ Monique: Erm... I think you add them yourself. I don't have any little crystal formations.

    Some people have trouble keeping them for more than 2 weeks.

  10. Ok, I was thinking back to the little cartoonish ads in the backs of comics - well, when I was buying them anyway.....

    They always had these awesome looking crystal formations in the tank and I was under the misguided perception that is actually what grew in the tank, knowing the creatures w/ the grinning faces couldn't possible be real.

  11. I think you can buy those little crystals, but they're plastic and don't grow.

    And yeah, they look nothing like the cartoon smiling creatures in the ads.

  12. See, I wouldn't want them to be plastic.

    So you've seen the ads too, w/ the whole smiling family and their stereptypical alien'ish looking selves.

  13. @ Monique: Oh, yes, I've seen them. Not in comic books, but I've seen them.


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