Tuesday, March 11, 2008

«Future Plans for Master Marf»

I'm working on merging my blog and my website, Realm of Marf. My final outcome will be similar to what Realm of Marf is now, but with this blog as the home page. Also, the entire thing will use the same template as the blog. I have a test blog set up, so I can get everything all organized and situated without affecting this blog until I'm ready. I'm still tweaking the template a bit.

As many of you know, you can't just make a page with a blog unless it's a new article. I don't want some things to be formatted like an article with the date and all. So I'll use the website for any additional pages I want, linking to them from my blog. They will be supplements for the blog.

I'm using a different domain that matches my blog's a little better, so Realm of Marf itself will be taken down. It will remain up for a while after with warnings that it's going to go down and re-direct people to the blog. That should give people a chance to update their bookmarks, and I hopefully won't loose much of my traffic over there.

South Park season 11 introI'm not sure of the time frame I'm looking at for these changes. Just giving a heads up that they are coming.

Please leave comments suggesting other sections you'd like to see added. Any games you'd like to see? I'm thinking about adding the falling sand game and a few of its variants. What else would be fun or useful for you?

On a totally unrelated note, new South Park episodes start on March 12th!


  1. The falling sand thing is insanely addictive....

  2. And I believe that falling sand game is Open Source/not copyrighted, so I don't have to get permission from anyone to put it up.

  3. What season/episode is that south park intro pic picture from???

  4. @ Anonymous (#3): Season 11, I had the sense to include the season in the alt text of the image. Otherwise, I would have forgotten, too.

    Although it has Darth Chef, so you know it's one of the ones after they killed Chef.


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