Thursday, March 6, 2008

«Job Fair»

Was it a job fair or an advertisement expo? I sure couldn't tell the difference between them. There were a few places that didn't even have any jobs available. They were just there for advertising (like the University).

Then you have the multitude of military branches; Army, Navy... There's no way I'd have anything to do with that.

Then there's all the tourism seasonal work. I should probably lower my standards, but I really don't want to deal with those people. They can be standing on the dock and they'll ask where sea level is.

What's left? Not much. I'm looking for (ideally) a computer technician job. Or at least something vaguely related. I checked out the IBEW, and they may have a telephone technician position available mid summer. The Hospital doesn't have any IT openings.

Alaska Air is the most promising, as a Customer Service Agent. I know someone that works there and it sounds like a job I'd be able to do. If I were to get the job, I'd be sent down to Seattle for training. That would be a perfect chance to see how I like Seattle, because that's where I'd like to live eventually. I don't think it'd be too hard to transfer to Alaska Air in Seattle. They require you to apply online, to show that you have some computer experience.

Speaking of applying online, most of the jobs I looked at required that (like NOAA). There wasn't even one opportunity to hand out the resume I created. Although basically all the jobs had nothing to do with what my resume was aimed at anyway.

What does it take to simply be a computer tech who doesn't always have to deal with the public?


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