Thursday, March 27, 2008

«Snowmobile Pictures»

Here's a few pictures that were taken this winter by a snowmobile enthusiast here in Ketchikan. He said I could put the pictures on my blog, but I didn't think to ask if I could attribute his name to them, you know how some people are with their privacy and such... So I'll have to ask him and edit the post later if he's ok with his name being here.

Those odd plastered-looking things sticking up out of the snow are the tops of trees. There's been a lot of snow in the mountains this year. Click an image to view the full size.

Bone Dragon snowmobile
Snowmobile mountain climb
Tree top path
Praying mantis tree top
That last one sort-of looks like a praying mantis.


  1. Tops of trees ?? How tall are these frickin trees Marf ?

    We didn't even get enough to build a snowman, a measly snowman - ugh whatever.

    Looks amazing though.....

  2. Well, I wasn't there. And do keep in mind, this is at the top of mountains. But I'd say they're 20-30 feet tall or more.

  3. Makes me want to pack up my snowshoes and head north ...


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