Wednesday, March 12, 2008

«Food Court Musical»

Improv Everywhere has a new YouTube video. I've had one of their videos (Frozen Grand Central) on my blog before.

Food Court Musical

Makes me wish there was a group something like Improv Everywhere in this town. I'd love to see things like this randomly happen. At time index 3:01 I think a couple of them screwed up the lyrics, as someone said "trees" out of sync with the rest. But overall it was a good performance. I think my favorite part is the guy with mustard on his pants.

Makes you realize just how odd it would be if life were a musical. I've never understood musicals in that respect: Someone just suddenly breaks out into song and dance and everyone joins in. Probably why I usually don't care for musicals, it takes away from the realism and believability of the movie.


  1. OMGROFLMAO , when the janitor sang , i spit out the water in my mouth. Nice one !

  2. I love it !

    And I disagree w/ your take on musicals, don't we have enough reality ? Can we not appreciate a little something abnormal just to jazz things up (no pun intended).

    Heck forget the weirdness of seeing someone break out in song, I want to join in.... It would be frightening, but I would love it.

  3. There's a few musicals I don't mind. "Wizard of Oz" and "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" are a couple of examples.

    But to me, the sudden song and dance gets in the way of continuing the story line as well.

    I've never been a fan of musicals. As a kid I always thought the song parts were boring and made the movie really long.

  4. "...I always thought the song parts were boring and made the movie really long."

    What a BOY thing to say - L

  5. LOL Although I was an unusual child, I was still a boy, yes.


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