Tuesday, April 1, 2008

«April Fools Day»

I've launched the long-awaited Games section today, have a look at it. I told you it would be up by this week...

Sometimes I hate being in the Alaska time zone. By the time a day starts for me, it's already pretty much over for half of the world. Let's take a look at what Google has done this time...

Google's gDay

Google's gDay with MATE (Machine Automated Temporal Extrapolation), from the Australian Google center. You can now search a day into the future. The FAQ on the page is worth a look also. No doubt this is a play on time zones similar to what I said above. I, being in Alaska, can search for pages in Australia and their dates will, in fact, be a day into the future...

Project Virgle

Project Virgle, a joint venture between the Virgin Group and Google to colonize Mars. They're accepting applications to be a pioneer. You can apply online and answer a questionnaire (I failed it, somehow). They have a pretty detailed plan of locations to build colonies, and what spaceships to use to get there. They even have the layout of the first colony. I especially like this page. I do in fact take a certain pleasure in crushing the hopes and dreams of a fantasy world.

Gmail Custom Time

You can now select when to make it appear that you've sent the email. Emailing a late report to a professor? Set the "sent" time back to before the due date and tell your professor to re-check their email; you're sure you sent it on time...

YouTube Rickroll

YouTube rickrolled their featured videos list. Click on any video in the list and it brings you to this video...

Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up
[Embedding has been disabled for the video, click the link above to go directly to YouTube and view the video]


  1. Marf ! Uncool. I wanted the falling sand game.... Can you sense the pout Marf ? Can you ? Ugh!

  2. Heh.
    I submitted that page to This Site and got about 100 page views from it (before it dropped off the front page).

    Now if I could do something like that every day maybe I'd build up a few more blog readers.


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