Thursday, April 10, 2008

«A Skull Sunny Side Up»

A few random pictures to hide the fact I don't have anything else to blog about. I always have random pictures to fall back on... Click an image to view full.

Now that's a drink that might burn your throat a little...
blue fire drink
This thing reminds me of a Behir from D&D for some reason. Someone must have had some extra time on their hands, and some warped creativity to create this thing.
Behir doll
Would you like your skull sunny side up?
Skull sunny side up
What, that's all for today?! You'll notice I tend to do things in multiples of 3. So yes.


  1. I love the image of the glass. I've never used it for anything but have had in "the folder" for what seems like forever.

    Creepy doll and skull.

    It's one of those days all around I think. Good to see you just do what you want, I really don't get the people who freak out about their blog. But I should be nice....

  2. I know, I've had that image of the glass for a while, but I can't really come up with a good use for it.

    And sure, I'd like to have interesting posts every day and have tons of traffic... But wouldn't we all?

    Speaking of traffic, how much do you get on your blog?

  3. Well you did come up w/ a good use for it... At least you used it. I've never even had it on my desktop.

    I went through a spell in the beginning where I had loads and loads of traffic coming from MyBlogLog.

    I was still very new to it all and felt strange having that many people reading my words.

    It became more about impressing them then just saying what I wanted to, that lasted a few posts.

    It's probably a good thing I enjoy randomness as much as I do, because my visits are all over the place. Doodle Page by far exceeds Escape Hatch on visits per day, but Escape Hatch has more return visits.

    It isn't uncommon for the Doodle Page to have 150 people there, Escape Hatch would probably average 70-80 a day.

    But, like this weekend, there were 7 people on Escape Hatch Saturday and Sunday was the same. Doodle Page had 50 Saturday, 16 Friday and 170 Thursday. What Can't Go There had 7 yesterday. It is so totally hit and miss.

    This morning as I type this, EH has had 40, Doodle Page 10 and WCGTBHere 2 (L).

    Wanted info or more than you needed to know ? Either way, it basically means - Who Knows ! I know my Technorati authority jumped 48 points this weekend, 178-226. Apparently that's good though I'm just beginning to understand it...

  4. Later I may do a post about my visitor statistics. I've got all sorts of statistics about that. I probably am up to an average of 40-50 a day, but it jumps around a lot like yours.

    Sometimes it's funny to see what people searched for to end up on my blog. For example, someone searched: are aglets sinister?


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