Wednesday, April 16, 2008

«Lots of Google Images (Image Heavy)»

I got the idea for this over at Escape Hatch. This is one reason I put in the post truncation; this is a very long post.

So here's how it works, for each of the things below you search your answer in Google Images and post the first picture (at least the first picture that's safe for work). I've replaced a couple of the ones from Escape Hatch that didn't really apply to me.

If you hover your mouse over each image, you should be able to see what my answer for each question was. Some of the images match up pretty well, while others are unrelated to my search.

The name of the state where you were born:
The name of the city/town:

[image removed by request of owner]

Age at next birthday:
Your first name:
Your middle name:
Your favorite food:
Your favorite drink:
Mountain Dew
Your favorite smell:
Your favorite color: (the first few were NSFW)
Your nickname:
Your relationship status:
Your current mood:
Computer name: (My replacement for "Your pets, by name:")
What is your combined computer screen resolution: (My replacement for "What do you drive:")
What do your want your combined computer screen resolution to be: (My replacement for "What do you want to drive:")
What did you do last night:
Wrote a blog post
What are you doing today:
Going for a walk
The name of your love, or passion: (the first picture was actually of a mac laptop, but I hate mac and couldn't bring myself to have that as my love or passion pic)
Your bad habit: (no, not pit stains)
Leg shaking
Your ideal employer: (My replacement for "Your first job:")
What you are thinking about right now:
You lost The Game
What makes you laugh:
What are you going to do after this:
Watch South Park
Your best feature:
Wow, that's a lot of images for a blog post. Does this mean my next few can be without images to make up for it? I think I'll talk about "The Game" in more detail in a later blog post.

Any copyrights on any of the images above belong to their respective owners. I claim my usage of them here under the US fair use policy.


  1. Good job.

    Spearmint, what a good answer for favorite smell.

    I can't believe you found a Marf pic, how funny.

    Sometime, explain leg shaking and The Game. I assume the leg thing is like bouncing your leg, a twitch of sorts ? My best friend does the same thing which is why I ask.

    I have no idea what 4Chan is ? Enlighten me.

    Enjoy your walk today... I'm stealing some of your images.

  2. Yeah, I finally thought of a smell for my favorite.

    There were 18,400 image results for the word Marf.

    Yeah, it's bouncing my leg. I seem to do it all the time without even noticing it. It annoys some people around me. And that pic explains the game quite well on its own. (thanks for making me loose, again)

    4chan is that image board I pointed out to you over on "What Can't Go There..."

  3. Well, I had never heard Marf before you, so it was origianlly yours inthat sense...

    The Game --- HUH ??? I made you lose? Guess I need to read it again.

    4chan - Oh yeah, I keep meaning to go back there...

  4. I had never heard of Marf when I first came up with it either.

    The game, you loose whenever you remember or think about it. So that means I just lost again. It's another one of those internet memes.

  5. Ahhhhhh, I get it now. So do I win for making you lose, or am I losing now by wondering that ??

  6. You cannot win. You can only loose. You just lost by thinking about it.

  7. Dang, I thought so.


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