Tuesday, April 8, 2008

«Blogging May be Hazardous for Your Health»

Blogging As Fast As We Can

Well... Heart attacks possibly caused by blogging? To be fair, these are professional bloggers who do multiple posts a day and are always trying to find the next big story.

The burdens of blogging can be felt by anyone who blogs, even amateurs. The urgency to express an original thought, and to post it first, is constant. The strain to find topics that will resonate with readers, unrelenting. Most importantly it's the constant pressure to drive page views that is onerous.

- Cora Nucci

I do know of the burden she speaks of. I'm always trying to find ways to get readers to my blog. Although I don't like to signup to something just to promote my blog. Most of those blog directories wouldn't drive any traffic to your blog unless you were already popular anyway. Same with Digg and other similar sites. So far I pretty much rely upon search engines and links in message board signatures. I get a good portion of my viewers from Google Groups.

I also struggle to make each blog post interesting, or at least about something my readers can relate to. I kind-of find it ironic that I hated English class so much in school (especially writing), and now I write a blog post every day. But try as I might, I can't always come up with something good to blog about.

I suppose that's one reason I haven't centered on a single topic to blog about here. It leaves me open to blog about any random topic if I can't think of much.

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  1. Glad I don't stress about it. I may fret a teeny bit sometimes wondering what to say, but I usually just decide to say nothing or go to the pics...

    I certainly have plenty of those, and even if no one cares, I enjoy it and that's whay I do this anyway....


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