Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ok, we all know it's best to have too many emergency vehicles respond to something than not enough. But sometimes they seem to needlessly over-respond. I just witnessed such a case at 4 PM today.

There's a daycare below my window at my mom's house. A little girl got her foot stuck in some of the playground equipment. For some reason, they treated it like an emergency and called 911 (or the local number for the fire department, I'm not sure).

Who responded to the little girl's "emergency"?
1 Ambulance.
1 Firetruck.
2 Pickup trucks from the fire department.

All with their sirens blaring and lights flashing. I mean seriously, there were like 10 guys that rushed over to the little girl. One went back to a truck and got a crowbar and freed her. She was fine. I fail to see why such a response was needed.


  1. I agree somewhat, it is way overly done... BUT, a kid stuck can hurt themselves quickly twisting and turning and panicking.. An ankle stuck could become a sprain or even broken if she is a freak like I am when pinned or trapped in any way...

    SO, it's too much, but any less and people would be bitching.

    As a species, we're just messed up ! L

  2. I think it's society that's messed up more than the species.

  3. No, pretty much it's us. If you put20 people in a room for an extended period of time, they will divide, choose sides and start trying to destroy each other.

  4. Hmm... I suppose you're right.

  5. Of course...

    But yes, society is screwed, we have lost the balls to correct ourselves and basically run amuck.

  6. There was probably an over reaction when the Emergency operator was alerted by the following key words;

    1. Child
    2. Day-care

    Not to mention, whomever called was probably in a panic and did not convey the issue clearly enough.

  7. @ Brian: In a panic? I suppose it's possible. Although it wasn't like it was playground equipment that moved. She just got her foot stuck between the wooden "bars" in a little playhouse thing. I don't even think she was crying.


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